Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the rookieee

Kay this is my very first blog post & I have to say I'm a bit nervous. ha I have no clue how this whole thing really works! So bear with me. 

To anyone who reads this... hopefully someone will... ha I thought I would share some things about me. 
I'm completely obsessed with music. Taylor Swift to be exact. She is an amazing songwriter. I'm sure I'll rave about her and her music on multiple occasions. Her new album is to die for. 
Love you T swizzle.

My family is the best. I couldn't be more blessed.

Here is my perfect little nephew! He just turned a month old last week!

Lately I've had some anxiety in finding myself a new hobby. I cheered basically my whole life & now that I'm done, I need to find something new. I have always loved running. All throughout high school I wanted to run track, but never had the time. So I guess you could say this is my new "thing." But I'm still not sure. 

Soo I'm kinda a health freak. Good in some ways, bad in others. Meaning I'm a really picky eater. One thing I can't get enough of though, is SUSHI! love love love it. 

I hate winter. & winter probably hates me. I have the WORST luck with the snow. Falling on the ice, sliding off the road, or getting my car stuck. You name it, its happened to me. So with these terrible months approaching fast, I try to remember summer on a daily basis.
(My last Lake Powell trip. August 2010. ohh take me back, please!)

Okay, I have to admit.... I'm a bit of a shopaholic... It's a problem, I know. But who doesn't appreciate a gorgeous pair of leather boots or a lacey vintage blouse??
Example: Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie = my drugs.

I have the most amazing support system. Yes my fam bam, but my friends are the people I turn to the most! So heres to my dope sistas, cousins/friends/besties, & sistersss from another misterrrr <33


Kell baby

Amy blue

Darry do




Kylie rose

My cheer babes

Miss Maryann's little angels

Wow well this turned out to be a really long post! I'm new, so forgive me. 
Hmmm I may complain from time to time but I really do have an amazing life! I'm one lucky girl!

x0x0 Mal Gal


  1. mal i love it! you have to let me make you a blog design sometime soon. so glad we can be blog sisters now! love you!!!!

  2. What a great blog Mal! Dad and I love you very much! And you are right, we do spoil you. I loved reading about what you love to do - I'm very familiar with it all! Keep this blog up - it is a great journal.