Thursday, July 28, 2011


Headed to Strawberry Reservoir in Heber tonight to hike, fish, four wheel, swim, & relax.
Work cannot go fast enough.
Pictures to come.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday I bought my 1st one-piece swimsuit since elementary school.
Its so cute & super flattering.
Modest is definitely the hottest ;) 

dear me...

I was doing my usual blog stalking & came across a fabulous idea from Jenny May of the Swede Records. You can read about it here, but I'll give you the run down. She challenged her readers to write a letter to themselves for the future & open it in a couple years from now. Ya know.... the old time capsule deal. I did an actual time capsule back in elementary & kept it until my senior year of high school. There were a million pictures of my old friends & me, projects I did, & a cute little letter. It was so fun to look back on that time of my life & to see how much I had changed.  So I immediately took the challenge!

I wrote about the things I'm currently doing in my life, the experiences I'm having, what I what to be like in the future, & goals I want to accomplish by the time I'm 25. I went a little crazy & wrote a pretty long letter. The more goals the better, right? I knew if I wrote the letter & sealed it in an envelope & tucked it away somewhere I'd: A. lose it. B. open it in like a week. or C. totally forget about it a year from now. So I wrote it on Future Me, an online an online time capsule service that stores and sends information to a specified email address any time in the future you specify. PERFECT. I love.

You should do this. Seriously. I'm already looking foward to getting mine.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Murph dawg

I know you've all been wondering how Murphy is doing.....

He's still alive.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spanish Fork Rodeo

Last night the whole Pratt/Gardner pack loaded up the cars & headed down to Spanish Fork, Utah for the Fiesta Days Rodeo. We first ate at a local diner on main street & then walked around to all of the carnival rides & booths. We browsed the different henna tatoos, face painting, & braclet making booths for awhile & finally ended up at the 'Ball in a Bowl' booth (naturally). For a $1, we got 4 chances to shoot a ping pong ball into a fish bowl. Grand prize = real live goldfish! That's where we got our first pet, Murphy.

Little did we know this guy would be in for a rough night....

The rodeo is one of the top rodeos in the country & apparently a qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. Needless to say it was awesome! I loved watching the little kids ride the sheep, but would NEVER in a million years let my kids do that!

The whole rodeo was so much fun until tragedy struck.....
Earlier, we had put Murphy in a cup so we wouldn't have to hold the baggie all night. We set him down next to our feet so no one would knock him over..... well... Willie accidentally kick it & Murph fell through the 20 foot bleachers! I panicked & made Willie go down there are save him! Thankfully he was still alive & was put back into the cup with some water & a little dirt. Poor guy. I held him the rest of the night so we wouldn't have anymore accidents.
(20 foot drop)
Murph is now safe & sound in a big ole fish bowl. ha.

Thanks Kristan & Brian for the tickets & a great night!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Breaker

You know when you're first getting to know someone or are asked to introduce yourself in front of a group of people, they always want to know something about you that no one elses knows. (Please excuse my run-on sentence). Well if you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know a lot about me. But I thought it would be good for you to know a few extra things. & also because stole this cute idea from my lovely cousin.

1. I have a weird hand obsession. I always look at people's hands for some reason. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they take care of their hands. Hence my OCD with painting my nails daily.

2. I hate rootbeer with all my heart. Rootbeer floats, rootbeer barrels, anything rootbeer flavored, the smell of rootbeer..... you get the idea.

3. I love to practice my cursive- a completely useless skill we learned in elementary. When I'm doodling in church, I probably write my signature over & over again at least 50 times. But I still can't manage to make my capital G's look pretty.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I don't blog about him enough....
I know I know, but you can't tell me you're not obsessed with him too!

Monday, July 18, 2011


A while back I told you that I am running the Top of Utah Half Marathon & I was going to keep you updated on how my training has been going. So here it is.

I found a perfect 12-week training schedule online that I printed out & stuck to for about the first two weeks...

  • Mondays: Rest to prevent injury.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: After warming up, run at a moderate pace for the designated mileage.
  • Wednesdays: Rest on rest days. On run days, after warming up, run at a comfortable pace for the designated mileage.
  • Fridays: Do a cross-training (CT) activity (biking, swimming, elliptical trainer, etc.) at easy to moderate effort for 30 to 45 minutes. If you're feeling tired or sore, then rest.
  • Saturdays: Run the designated mileage at an easy, conversational pace.
  • Sundays: Recover on this day with easy runs to loosen up your muscles.

WeekMonTuesWedThursFridaySatSunTotal Miles Run
1Rest2 milesRest2.5 milesRest3 miles2 easy miles9.5 miles
2Rest2 milesRest3 milesCT or Rest4 miles2.5 easy miles11.5 miles
3Rest2.5 miles2 miles3 milesCT or Rest5 miles2 easy miles14.5 miles
4Rest3 milesRest4 milesCT or Rest6 miles3 easy miles16 miles
5Rest3 miles3 miles3 milesCT or Rest7 miles3 easy miles19 miles
6Rest4 miles3 miles4 milesCT or Rest8 miles3 easy miles22 miles
7Rest4 milesRest4 milesCT or Rest9 miles3 easy miles20 miles
8Rest4 miles3 miles3 milesCT or Rest10 miles3 easy miles23 miles
9Rest5 miles3 miles4 milesCT or Rest11 milesRest23 miles
103 easy miles4 milesRest3 milesCT or Rest12 miles3 easy miles25 miles
11Rest4 milesRest3 milesCT or Rest5 miles2.5 easy miles14.5 miles
12Rest2 miles20 minutesRest20 minutesRace Day! 13.1 milesRest15.1 miles + 40 minutes

Of course I stuck to it because the first two weeks are easy! Then I got lazy. I run about 4 to 5 miles a day & then occasionally force myself to do long runs. & let me tell you I hate every minute of those long runs. I'm still way excited for this 1/2, but can't seem to find the motivation to train for it. I'm banking on the fact that this course is mostly downhill. Which is awful cause I'm sure it will still kick my bootay!

I've been going to Bodypump a lot lately, which I love.....but it is interfering with my running. I need HELP! I need to get back to my training schedule so I can run this race in a decent time! Anyone have any advice? The clock is ticking & it'll be here before I know it. I would love to here your tips on how you stay motivated for a race! (Heather I'm talkin to you, girl!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Triple-A All Star Game

A couple days ago, Me & Willie & his parents went to the Triple A All Star game at the Spring Mobile Ballpark (Bees stadium).  It was the first time this game was held in Utah and I guess it was a pretty big deal. There were about 13,000 people pack into that stadium! It was nuts! The game was East coast verus West coast & we were definitely rooting for the West! Ha but of course they lost. It made for a pretty boring game actually. East coast beat us 3-0. I'll be honest... with how many baseball games I've gone to this year, this one just felt like any other game. The real thing I was looking forward to was the "biggest firework display in Bees history" which was after the game. Kay.... it was AMAZING. Hands down the best fireworks I've seen. It was like a finale the whole time! Definitely made up for my lack of fireworks on the 4th. (Plus I was so happy they didn't play "Firework" by Katy Perry like all the other firework shows- it gets old). 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

just fyi...

Don't run on garbage day. 
Specially on a hot, muggy garbage day.
Passing garbages for 8 miles is enough to make you pass out.
trust me.

Sunday Hike in Flip Flops

 Sunday evening was full of dark clouds & rain, leaving us stuck inside....bored.
So Will's family & I decided to go on a little drive up Milcreek canyon.
I think in all of my twenty one years of living 10 minutes away from Milcreek, I had never been up there.
It is a gorgeous canyon that is sooo green from all of the rain we have been getting lately.
Once we got to the top, we decided to get out of the car for a bit & walk around.
We ended up walking up one of the trailheads.
& yes... three of us were in flip flops.
Nonetheless, it was a nice little walk & perfect for a gloomy Sunday night.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Snapshots of our Park City weekend

This past weekend my family & I went on a quick trip up to Park City & Midway.
We had a blast just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains.
We rode bikes, played tennis, went hot tubbing, watched movies, did the alpine slide & zipline, & shopped at the outlets.
I love weekend getaways during the summer & can't wait for more! 

(I was done with pictures at this point apparently)

Friday, July 8, 2011


The fam & I are headed to Park City in a few hours for some much needed R&R.
Can't wait to hit the boutiques on Main Street, the alpine slide, the outlets, & the Watts' cabin in Midway.
It's gonna be amazeeee.
Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

holiday weekend...

This was my 4th of July weekend before the sickness set in.
It looked hopeful, but ended in me sleeping on the bathroom floor.
Lovely I know.