Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great West Champs!

Congrats to the UVU Baseball team who KILLED it in their conference tournament this past weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't go to North Dakota to watch Will play, but still I'm so proud of him! & a little happy baseball season is over & that I get him on the weekends now :) Good job guys!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope you all have a fun weekend! I'm off to relax, spend time with family, & hit up Les Miserables at the Capitol Theater. Only thing that would make this weekend more perfect would be if this weather would clear up so I could catch some rays! Ohh well, next weekend is looking mighty fine!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

Today marks my 100th blog post! Woop woop! I know I'm wayyyy into my blog, go ahead make fun of me, I don't care. But I've been thinking about all of the posts I've done over the past couple of months & I've come a long way. I started out with the UGLIEST blog design (thanks to Darr who made mine ohhh so pretty), I would hardly incorporate recent pictures or any pictures for that matter, & I did those stupid blog challenges (sorry if you like those, they are fun to fill out, but no else likes reading them.) I am always thinking of new ways to improve my blog. I'm am definitely no expert by any means & am still learning a ton about the blogging world. There have been multiple days when I have complete 'blogger's block' & have no clue what to write about. Then I do a little stalking & an idea comes to mind.

I honestly love blogging. It had forced me to write down my thoughts, ideas, & experiences that otherwise would go undocumented. I have found so many amazing blogs that spark my interest or challenge me to be a better person/cook/runner/student/blogger. Plus hearing someone say they 'love my blog' is like the BEST compliment ever!

So in honor of my 100th post, I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things (Oprah style... only I can't afford to buy all of you cars!)
No kitten heels for this girl. Go high or go home.

Homemade Fruit Popsicle bars?? Yesss please.

Finding new workouts via blogs.

Chalkboard wallpaper. I will have this in my future house.

A cute spin on traditional wedding invitations.

Cupcakes that are almost too pretty to eat.

The Lake District in England. Take me back!

Finding bumperstickers that can lighten any mood.

The new season of the Bachelorette & the commentary found on Mormon in Manhattan.
Its to dieee for!

Pictures courtesy of pinterest

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial dayyy swag

Memorial day attire

I love Memorial Day weekend. Swimming pools open, BBQs every night, warm weather (unless you live in Utah), & no school/work!  The whole weekend is a great time to relax & take a little vaca. This weekend I'm not going anywhere, but I plan on being completely lazy. I can't wait. & maybe do a little shopping with my madra for the items above.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top of Utah Half Marathon

I just registered for this puppy & I'm super stoked about it. It's on August 27th in Logan. You find details about it here. I have about 13 weeks to train for it..... I better get my butt a runnin'! Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated on my training plan & progress & everything!

Over the weekend...

This past weekend was a busy one. Willie had his last home baseball games & all of our friends and families came out to support. We had a good time chatting & soaking up the sun. UVU won three out of the four games, making them conference champs!! Now they are wrapping up their season in North Dakota for the conference tournament!

All of the kiddos at the baseball game. My little nephew & Will's nieces.

After the game, we headed to Alpine for a little baseball team bbq. It was fun getting to know more of Will's teammates & their wives/girlfriends. We couldn't stay long, because we had tickets to the big BYU vs Cal Poly Rugby game at the Rio Tinto Statium later that night! We went with my sister & brother in-law & had a good time trying to figure out the rules of rugby.. ha.

Sadly, BYU lost but it was still fun & I don't think I realized how crazyyyy rugby is! We finished up the night at good old Red Robin for some 4th meal & called it a day.

Now just gotta get through this week. Let's speed it up so it can be the weekend again!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials

If you can't tell I'm a freak for all things Nike. The quality can't be beat. Its comparable to Pepsi vs Coke. Always Coke.....Nike vs Adidas. Always Nike.

As I was at the gym this morning, I was thinking about my favorite things to workout in.

Bottoms: I am a shorts girl. Running shorts are my #1 go to workout bottoms. I hate running in dri fit capris or pants, but I love them for yoga, weight training, & bodypump classes. Occasionally I'll wear spandex pants when I run outside, but even then I'll battle the cold with running shorts. Under all of my shorts I wear spandex shorts. That habit came from cheer when I practically lived in them, but now I can't workout without them.

Tops: I am not a fan of tight shirts or tanks when I workout. I don't know why that is, but I just don't. I love to wear Lulu Lemon or Nike tanks, or sometimes even a good old cwood/uvu tee shirt. But of course my tanks are all loose fitting. For yoga, I'll wear a tighter tank.

Sports Bras: I love all of Nike's standard sports bras.... specially bright colored ones.. not that anyone can see them under my baggy shirts, but hey I know they're there! I don't like underwire sports bras, but I understand some people need the added support. Me on the other hand.... not so much.

Shoes: I run everytime I workout. For sure. So I choose Nike's Lunarglide running shoes or Nike's Free Run shoes. I've heard all of their shoes are amazinggg, but these are just the ones I've tried.

Jackets: I like Nike's light weight running/training jackets. I usually just wear them to & from the gym, but they are perfect for outdoor running/walking or whatever.

Hats: Kay so I've had that Nike hat for yearsss & I've woren it maybe 3 times- ooops. It's super thin & light, but I'm just not a huge hat person. Everyone has got to have one though.

These are my favorites, what do you like to wear when you workout??

Thursday, May 19, 2011

birthday boyy

This past Sunday was Willie's birthday. He turned 23! It was a chill afternoon filled with after church naps, sunday walks, presents, & birthday cake and ice cream. Little does he know I have a few surprises up my sleeve for him once baseball season ends. I'd tell you, but he reads my blog.
Let's just say he's spoiled ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

peachy peach

peachy peach
This spring I'm loving all things peach, coral, gold, & earth toned.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my best friend's wedding

My best friend McKell got married this weekend (as I mentioned before) & it was such a beautiful celebration. From the wedding dinner at JSMB to the Salt Lake Temple to the reception at the groom's house, the whole day was perfect.  And let me tell you... the bride was STUNNING! She was so happy & peacful & despite the scattered rain, she didn't worry for one second.
I love her & of course loved her wedding!
Congrats Tay & Kell!
Love you guys!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry i've been out of commission the last couple days. I started summer school, then dropped all of my classes, then re-added them. Long story, but a definite shock to my system.

Today has been great... minus school of course, but with this amazing weather how can I not be happy?? I looooove it! Shorts & a tee shirt? Yess please. The day only got better when I came home from class to find this on my porch....

Okay so the presentation was a lot cuter then it looks here....but I couldn't help myself & dug right in!
(hence the half eaten saltines...) 
The way to my heart is definitely through some diet coke & saltines :)
Someone knows me too well.
(There were also balloons & candy that I forgot to photograph) oops.

Now I'm in the homeland getting ready to go to ANOTHER wedding! You know I'll document it all. Be excited. Cause I am. It's my b-e-autiful friend Mckell's wedding this weekend & I have to admit its a little bittersweet for me. She's one of my closest friends & I've lived with her for the past two years. Plus she is moving to CHINA next week!!! Her finace has an internship there for the summer. Talk about double whammy!

So as sad as I am that she's leaving me.... I'm so happy for her & can't believe this weekend is already here!