Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to December

Welp its offically december first.
You know what that means don't ya?

I'm taking a killer anatomy class right now & its kicking my trash. 
Our final is in two weeks from today & I'll be honest..... I'm not ready.
So for the next two weeks I plan to become a hermit. 
study. study. study. 

On the bright side..... Christmas almost here!
Its my absolute favorite time of the year!
I need to get some major Christmas shopping in though.
Which I have to say I quite enjoy..... not a shock to most of you ;)
I really love giving people gifts.
Receiving them is great, but lets be real here. I don't need one stinkin thing!! 

Whats on your Christmas list??

Well heres to a stressful two weeks ahead of me & 0 degree weather!

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