Friday, February 11, 2011

Table for two

I saw this Valentine's table here and instantly fell in love. I don't know when I would ever be this elaborate for a Valentine's date or if I'm even creative enough to think of something this amazing, but it is to die for!
I would probably be sneaking some of those cupcakes all night!

Well its FINALLY Friday! I've been wishing for today since Monday. This week was a long one. I had three tests, two papers, and three quizzes to keep me plenty busy! I was in the library everyday this week & thats impressive for me. I hate that place.

I hope all of you have romantic plans for this Valentine's Day weekend. Filled with chocolate, roses, date nights, & your sweetheart! We're going to dinner tonight with Will's parents in Salt Lake! Not super romantic to be with the parentals, but it will be a  fun time! Then he's off to St. George for the weekend. Yay meee! ha ohhh well, I'll just spoil my parents plans & join them! Table for 3 please?! Hey it beats going to Vegas like I did last year for cheer over Valentine's...... just picture me....had knee surgery the week before.... crutching down the entire Vegas strip. HA. Thats a story for another time :)