Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yoga = new love

Since I've finished cheering, I'll be honest I have struggled trying to find something new in my life. I know I have talked about this before, but its true. I feel anxious. I go to work & school & thats it. I don't have anything that is really mine. I go to the gym a lot, but even that is getting routine. There are a million things I want to do & always have, but I am really nervous to start new. I'm a perfectionist, so therefore I am scared to be bad at something. Not saying I'm good at everything I do, but a complete new hobby is pretty much a guaranteed struggle.

For instance, I signed up to run the Provo Halloween Half Marathon back in October. I was really excited. I love running & run almost everyday, so I was prepared. At the last minute I backed out. I'm still mad at myself. I guess the fear of making a fool out of myself or not being as comfortable with it as the other runners.... I'm not really sure either.
Am I the only one who is this retarded?

ANYWAY. The point to all of the blabbing was that I have found something I really enjoy & would consider a new loveeee! YOGA. I've done it before in dance a little & on P90X, but never really taken a class. My old First Aid teacher (who I absolutely adore & want to be like) teaches yoga at Golds. Her class is amazing! Shes sorta hippie ishhh & organic & I love it! Completely helps with the stress of school. Plus I keep up with my flexability I worked so hard to get. I suggest that everyone try it. You'll be hook!

And hey if I can get my bod half as good as these hot, yoga-lovin celebs,
count me in! 

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