Friday, July 22, 2011

Spanish Fork Rodeo

Last night the whole Pratt/Gardner pack loaded up the cars & headed down to Spanish Fork, Utah for the Fiesta Days Rodeo. We first ate at a local diner on main street & then walked around to all of the carnival rides & booths. We browsed the different henna tatoos, face painting, & braclet making booths for awhile & finally ended up at the 'Ball in a Bowl' booth (naturally). For a $1, we got 4 chances to shoot a ping pong ball into a fish bowl. Grand prize = real live goldfish! That's where we got our first pet, Murphy.

Little did we know this guy would be in for a rough night....

The rodeo is one of the top rodeos in the country & apparently a qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. Needless to say it was awesome! I loved watching the little kids ride the sheep, but would NEVER in a million years let my kids do that!

The whole rodeo was so much fun until tragedy struck.....
Earlier, we had put Murphy in a cup so we wouldn't have to hold the baggie all night. We set him down next to our feet so no one would knock him over..... well... Willie accidentally kick it & Murph fell through the 20 foot bleachers! I panicked & made Willie go down there are save him! Thankfully he was still alive & was put back into the cup with some water & a little dirt. Poor guy. I held him the rest of the night so we wouldn't have anymore accidents.
(20 foot drop)
Murph is now safe & sound in a big ole fish bowl. ha.

Thanks Kristan & Brian for the tickets & a great night!!

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