Friday, July 15, 2011

Triple-A All Star Game

A couple days ago, Me & Willie & his parents went to the Triple A All Star game at the Spring Mobile Ballpark (Bees stadium).  It was the first time this game was held in Utah and I guess it was a pretty big deal. There were about 13,000 people pack into that stadium! It was nuts! The game was East coast verus West coast & we were definitely rooting for the West! Ha but of course they lost. It made for a pretty boring game actually. East coast beat us 3-0. I'll be honest... with how many baseball games I've gone to this year, this one just felt like any other game. The real thing I was looking forward to was the "biggest firework display in Bees history" which was after the game. Kay.... it was AMAZING. Hands down the best fireworks I've seen. It was like a finale the whole time! Definitely made up for my lack of fireworks on the 4th. (Plus I was so happy they didn't play "Firework" by Katy Perry like all the other firework shows- it gets old). 

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