Friday, January 21, 2011

dinner please

So last weekend Will & I went on a double date with our friends.
We had planned to go to Chilli's down here in Provo.
But if you have ever been in Provo on a Friday/Saturday night,
you know theres NO WAY its gonna be less the an hour wait at ANY restraunt
on date night.

Soooo we hopped around from place to place trying to find some place to eat.
Everything was packed.
My stomach was literally eating my backbone at this point.
We finally decided to go to Mimi's Cafe.
I personally love it,
but I know some people aren't so fond.

I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie (naturally)
My mouth waters thinking about it.
(maybe because I'm at work right now and I'm starving.)

Moral of the story:
never under estimate Mimi's Cafe.
Comfort food of champions.

I might go again tonight.
Happy weekend!

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