Tuesday, January 18, 2011

golden globes

Everytime there is an award show on tv, I can only handle the red carpet & then I get too bored.
Unless its the Oscars... sometimes I can sit through most of it.
But I love the red carpet because of the gorgeous or.... heinous gowns the women wear.
This year at the Golden Globes I was not disappointed.
I have to say, I think MOST of the girls.... not all, but most got it right!
Here are my favs & also in my picks for worst dressed of the night!

My very favorite dress of all:
Ann Hathaway.
She looked absolutely stunning in this amber open-back gown.

Runner up:
Angelina Jolie
The color is amazing on her
& her make up & hair are flawless.

I had to do a double take on this one:
Emma Stone
I didn't even recognize her!
Shes so skinny from her Super Bad days!
But I think she nailed it with this tight peach dress & platinum blonde hair.

True Beauty:
Sandra Bulock
Her off the shoulder pink & sequin gown was gorgeous

Scarlett Johansson
I have to say... I'm not a fan of her, but I love the butterfly sleeves on this dress
& the color works perfect with her pale skin.

The Fighter:
Amy Adams
Thank you for not wearing pink/peach/nude!
I am loving this dark navy dress.
She stood out among of sea of skin tone dresses!

Princess dress:
Olivia Wilde
I love love love this dress!
Reminds me of Emily Green's prom dress in 06' :)

Never ever gets it wrong:
Leighton Messter
I"m bias.

New girl in town:
Lea Michele
She got it so right last night
& is becoming quite the fashionista.

Now on to the UGLIEST dresses of 2011 thus far......
no need for captions.

Can't wait to watch fashion police to see if Joan Rivers agrees.

Pictures courtsey of Instyle

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  1. umm So dont mean to be a creep, but on Facebook saw that you blogged about this... so had to check what you put.. because i totally blogged about that same thing! HA
    seems like we have the same taste...
    Im glade im not the only one that watches fashion police!