Monday, January 10, 2011

wedding addict

So everyday when I'm bored at work.
(yess, I have nothing else to do.)
I look at wedding blogs.
Not that I'm in some desperate need to get married,
I just love the beautiful creations brides come up with to celebrate their special day.
From the engagement pictures, bridals, center pieces, food table, flower arrangements, & the bride's dress.
I'm completely obsessed.  
I love when couples have a unique style or an item that represents them & their love.
vintage & rustic?
Yes, please! 
are two of my absolute favs when it comes to capturing and arranging the magic of weddings.
They are brillant.
Here is a wedding I adore and wish I could have for myself.
Photos by Wildflowers Photography & food spread done by Sweet & Saucy.

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