Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year. new semester. new job.

So we started school again today..
not bad execpt for the fact I'm on the waiting list for three of my classes.
But some good news!
I got a new job!
I'm working for Allstate Insurance as a receptionist/facebook/twitter/office manager.
Perfect, right? 
I'm nervous to start, but it sounds like it could be really awesome.
downfall.... I'm still working at my old job too.

School & two jobs?
We'll see how this goes. 
Wish me luck!

Why do I keep thinking today is Monday?
This whole starting school on Wednesday is throwing me off big time!

Well happy wednesday!


  1. you can do it. Juggling three jobs for about three months now and two jobs for over seven months its not that bad as long as you know how to say no to some of your bosses sometimes. And being very organized as to your schedules.

  2. Mal...I work at Allstate too! I work for my dad... pretty lame I know but we can chit chat about things at Allstate haha. I miss you and I want to see you soon! I hope all is well, LOVE YOU!

  3. Mal, I love your blog. I know I don't really know you that well. I am one of Willie's friends and now yours too :) I am glad I saw your blog on Kalyns blog! This wedding is amazing! I right there with you, I look at wedding blogs all day long! One day my dream wedding will take place :)
    One Day