Tuesday, May 10, 2011

those were the days...

I was sitting in class today (yess I am doing summer school. blahhh) & I was thinking about how uneventful my summer is going to be. Pity party I know. But seriously, I'm going to school, working, & maybe doing an internship..... with zero plans of any trips yet. Becoming an adult sucks! I was thinking about the days in elementary, junior high, & even high school when summers were amazeballs. I literally did nothing. I had no obligations, no responsibilities, no where to be, didn't have to pay for anything.... you get the idea.

Then I got really bored in class & started listing things I loved to do in the summer when I was a kid. Ha weirdo I know, but I'm always thinking about my blog & you people! So here we gooo.

  • Watching early morning cartoons such as... Rocket Power, Doug, Rugrats, etc. 
  • Making mud pies with the neighbors
  • Running through the sprinklers
  • Walking to Woody's to get curly fries
  • Going to my cabin in Bear Lake
  • Eating sugar loaded cereals
  • Riding my bike for hoursssss.
  • Making forts in the backyard
  • Chasing down the ice cream truck 
  • Swimming lessons in the morning
  • Our annual Primary 4th of July neighborhood parade
  • Lake Powell!
  • Learning to water skii
  • Putting the sprinkler under the tramp
  • Eating popsicles for breakfast, lunch, & dinner
  • Playing dress up
Junior High:
  • Cheer camp.... ha yikess!
  • Swimming at Darrian's pool
  • Hanging out at Darrian's house everyyy day
  • Going to the first high school football games just to socialize
  • Watching Lizzie McGuire, Degrassi, & sneaking some mtv
  • Walking to all of my friends' houses
  • Sleeping in
  • Jumping on the tramp & learning new tricks
  • Going to Europe with the family
  • Cabin with the family
  • Lake Powell
  • Rasberry shakes in Bear Lake
  • Making music videos to Britney Spears, N'sync, & Backstreet Boys
High School:
  • Spending $5 everyday to go to Cwood Heights pool
  • Snowasis
  • Chillin in Wendy's parking lot
  • Bonfires up the canyon
  • Sleeping in
  • Laying out on the tramp till I was the color of the tramp
  • Early morning runs
  • Shopping during the day
  • Cheer camps & practices
  • Arts Festival
  • Gallivan Concerts
  • Midnight curfew...blech! Don't miss that!
  • Lake Powell
  • Europe with the fam
  • My once a month shift at Abercrombie & Fitch
  • 80's night every Thursday
I was livin' the dream! Ha I know I should stop complaining cause I do still have awesome summers & I know I will make this one just as fun, but after spending 6 hours at school today, I felt like whining to you all.

What was your favorite thing to do in the summer as a kid??
Or do you still 'live the dream?'

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  1. Ahhh i love this post! that was me to a T back in the day!! well its because I lived with you hehe:)