Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry i've been out of commission the last couple days. I started summer school, then dropped all of my classes, then re-added them. Long story, but a definite shock to my system.

Today has been great... minus school of course, but with this amazing weather how can I not be happy?? I looooove it! Shorts & a tee shirt? Yess please. The day only got better when I came home from class to find this on my porch....

Okay so the presentation was a lot cuter then it looks here....but I couldn't help myself & dug right in!
(hence the half eaten saltines...) 
The way to my heart is definitely through some diet coke & saltines :)
Someone knows me too well.
(There were also balloons & candy that I forgot to photograph) oops.

Now I'm in the homeland getting ready to go to ANOTHER wedding! You know I'll document it all. Be excited. Cause I am. It's my b-e-autiful friend Mckell's wedding this weekend & I have to admit its a little bittersweet for me. She's one of my closest friends & I've lived with her for the past two years. Plus she is moving to CHINA next week!!! Her finace has an internship there for the summer. Talk about double whammy!

So as sad as I am that she's leaving me.... I'm so happy for her & can't believe this weekend is already here!

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