Friday, June 3, 2011

awkward week

It's finally Friday!! Hallelujah! This week has been loooooong, don't you think?? Maybe its because I literally count down the days till I'm finished with school. Only 3 more weeks people!

Besides the long ishh week, I also had some really awkward things happen to me. & let me tell you... I can be a very awkward person. I'm pretty shy so when I am met with an awkward situation, I panic! So I thought I'd share with you.

1. Having a study group about STDs with 4 married guys.

2. While talking on the phone to someone you say... "Hi, how are you?" They reply, "I'm good, how are you?" You say... "I'm great, how are you?"  -Twice? awesome.

3. Falling down in the middle of a restaurant in a skirt and going back to that same restaurant and all of the waiters & waitresses remember you're the girl that fell & flashed everyone.

4. Cutting someone off while driving and they give you a crusty. Then you end up parking next to them at the grocery store.

5. Calling someone to set an appointment for a review of their insurance policies (my job) & finding out after you finished your whole script, you just called your boss.

6. Stalking someone's blog/facebook for the past 6 months & meeting them in person. Then they tell you a couple things about themselves.... which you already know.

7. About 80% of the guys on the Bachelorette.

8. Singing in your car only to look over & see that the car next to you is watching.

9. Taking a picture of man in a full unitard at the gym & he saw you do it.

10. Having your co-worker stretch out his sore groin next to your desk.

11. Setting up your step & weights for Bodypump class, walking away to get a drink real fast, & coming back to find someone took it. Then you awkwardly say... "that's mine..."


  1. hahaha! I have met someone (it was my friends friend from high school and she traveled a lot and had amazing pictures from her trips that I had to check out weekly.) that I blogged/facebooked stalked for like 7 months and she was telling me about herself and I went "remember when you..." and trailed off and she had this like super worried look on her face and I was like ahh! "I have to confess, I stalk you." haha super awkward moment. Needless to say, we are not friends now LOL. She probably thinks I'm a super creep and she made her blog private. :/

    ps. love the awkward girl scout. I don't know why but I really like it, it makes me laugh.

    mmmmk. time to move on and stalk other people.
    love you.

  2. also.. the blue striped shirt that is super weird... just saw a girl on my friends blog wearing it. It's even more awkward on a person.