Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend fun

This past weekend I surprised Willie with a 'birthday' day because he was gone on his birthday last month. We first went to Normandie cafe for breakfast & then we went horseback riding in Alpine. It was a lot of fun! Will said he knew what we were doing.... but he didn't. He thought we were going to Lagoon ha. It was such a perfect day & the weather was amazing!

After horseback riding we went & rested a bit cause we woke up wayyy early to go riding. I had a few things planned later that night but some ideas kinda fell through :( We ended up meeting Willie's two friends & their wives for chill night for dinner & Boondocks. We were like little kids. We did everything from mini golf to the go karts to the batting cages to laser tag. We literally stayed there till midnight. Ha & we had such a blast! After Boondocks, we ended the day with some dessert. Always a must. Overall the day was perfect. I can't wait for more amazing weekends to come this summer!

(Sorry for the awful quality of pictures. I think my camera was on a weird setting or something but they are way bad! I tried my best to fix them, but no luck. Not to mention it was way bright while horseback riding- hence the squinting faces & bright pics.)


  1. You are so dang cute! I would kill for your skinny/toned legs!

  2. im obsessed with you and your bf

  3. Loved the post! You look darling as usual. Will is not looking too bad either!