Monday, August 1, 2011

august one.

Happy first day of August, loveies! I can't believe how fast summer came & went. I'm devastated. Starting this fall semester of school is already giving me anxiety. I already told my fam we can't plan any trips the weekend before school because I have to mentally prepare for hell, that weekend. I know I'm so positive. It's cause I had such a wonderful weekend. I'll show you later.

There is ONE thing I'm excited for.... Autumn! I love crave it. The crisp air, boots, scarves, Halloween, back-to-school clothes, how pretty our mountains look, dying my hair darker, & all of that great stuff. I couldn't help but dream about my expanding boot collection. Aww. I know this is all premature, but I blame Pinterest. If you're not on Pinterest, you should be. & you should follow me. We can share each others obsession with fall fashion. Here are some looks I'm hoping to recreate if I can save my mulah.

Pictures via The Daybook by the beautiful Sydney


  1. OMG dont you just love the day book blog!?!?!?! I just found it and am following religiously!! haha. Glad you are a fan too!

  2. I know i dont even know you but i found your blog randomly and i love reading everything you write! I hope that isnt creepy.. but i am sure we have mutual friends or something..i mean its utah we are talking about! ANYWAYYYY i love pinterest! it is so addicting. I just became a member and seriously it is the best thing ever. I have to agree... cant wait for fall.