Wednesday, August 17, 2011

decorative pillow

I had to get new bedding for my new room in my new house in Orem. All of my old bedding was black and white with an accent of red. While I loved this look, I was a bit over it. I tried to steer clear of it while shopping for new bedding, but couldn't help it when I found a worn-out red & white striped duvet. I wanted to do maybe an accent of yellow or creams, but remembered I had a ton of pictures/wall decor/lighting that was all black or gray. And I wasn't about to go buy all new stuff for a temporary room. So now here I am with the same color scheme. Blahh. I'm determined to make it different though!

I want it to be mostly white. White walls, white furniture, white picture frames,& a lot of white decorations. A real clean feeling, ya know? I want my accent color to be a light gray. I'm trying to weed out my black. I've been on the hunt for a couple cute decorative pillows to go on my bed & I need your help. (Remember my bedding is red & white striped). So which one would you pick?

Pictures courtesy of UO & Anthropologie


  1. you can re cover a pillow and make all of those looks for way cheaper than what they're selling them for. But I like the first round crocheted one and then last ruffle square one.

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