Friday, August 5, 2011

left brain

I like to pretend I'm creative. Cause I'm not. I've been seeing all of these amazing DIY projects on Pinterest & decided I wanted to try one out. I started small. Real small. Like I probably could have made this in 5th grade. But here it is & I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

(Please ignore my cancerous looking arm/hand) 

Its wayyyy easy. All you need is: 3 strands of twine - 1 yard each & 18 brass hex nuts & maybe some braiding skills. That's it. It goes with anything & is super cute when you pair it with some more bracelets or even a gold watch.

I've got some more projects up my sleeve. Hopefully they won't be as boring as this & a bit more challenging. Get ready.

Ohhh & I accomplished some of my running goals this morning.
Ran at a 8:30 pace & completed 7 miles & woke up at 7am to do it. Booyah! 

Baby steps people.


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