Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Warning: this may be a boring post so feel free to skip if you'd like.

For school I have to do 325 hours of an internship before I graduate. Since I'm graduating in April, it was crucial that I find one soon. I looked ALL summer & went to what felt like a million interviews. It has been an emotional roller coaster finding one that works for me & with my schedule. I'm taking 20 credits this fall & also need to still work (gotta pay them bills). So that meant I needed to find a paid internship, which is next to impossible. After lots of chats with my parents, stress, & tears, I finally found one! I'm now the newest employee/internship-ee? at the Wee Child Care Center on campus at UVU. I work as a "caregiver" to little kids whose parents are either going to school or are faculty members. Basically a day care on campus. We teach the kids a set curriculum that incorporates health, nutrition, reading, writing, & art. I'm in the Preschool room & I can't wait! They are all so adorable.

The downfall to accepting this job/internship is that I have to quit my job at Allstate :( I really have loved it & the all the people I work with. Not to mention that has been my blogging time. Dang it! I'm going to have zero time this semester to blog! I am already worried about trying juggle 20 credits + an internship + time to study + a social life. So blogging is definitely last on the list. Priorities people.

Today is my last day here at Allstate & I'm really sad about it. Maybe because I'm scared of all the new changes coming up in my life. Just walking into work today made me feel so much better. I HATE being out of my comfort zone, but I need to remind myself to embrace this change & look at it in a positive light.

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