Tuesday, August 2, 2011

weekend at strawberry via my iphone

I went to Strawberry Lake this past weekend with Willie's family & stayed in a cute little cabin. The weather was perfect & we had a blast enjoying the beautiful mountains & each others company. Here are my pics- (I promise one day I'll use a real camera again.)

 1. Drivin into Strawberry Lake just as the sun was setting--gorgeous!
2. Don Pedro's family mexican restaurant
3. Handsome boy :)
4. First morning at the cabin
5 & 6. Campfire time
7, 8, & 9. Struggling with the jumbo mallows
10. Takin a break from our horse shoe competition. Grand prize= $50!
11. Handsome boy cookin breakfast on the deck
12. Breakfast on the deck attracted some uninvited guests.

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