Monday, December 13, 2010

Back from the weekend.

Ughh can't tell you enough how much I wish it was still the weekend. 
Finals this week is making me a stress case!
One down.... three more to go!

On Friday I went up to Salt Lake with my sister & nephew.
We met up with my mom & cousin Cassie.
We literally shopped till we dropped.
Whoa I was exhausted.
& who knew that one 6 week old baby could be sooo much work??
But hes soo worth it!

Then Saturday I went to the BYU game vs U of A.
The Y KILLED the Wildcats by 20!
Go Cougs!

Day 11: Are you any good at wrapping presents? Describe a gift wrapped by you.

Lucky for me I have a mother who is a PRO wrapper.
She taught me well.
I wrapped some presents this weekend & I have to say I was a bit rusty.
But I still got it ;) 

Day 12: Another audio of favorite Christmas song/carol 

Day 13: Describe your typical Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at my house is relatively quiet & simple.
Ever since my sister got married, its usually just me, my parents, & my grandparents.
We have a big dinner that my mom & grandma cook.
Its soo yummy.
Ham, potatoes, green beans... the classic Christmas dinner.
After we usually talk in our living room, next to the fire.
The grandparents turn in early & me & my parents watch a Christmas movie
& hit the sheets. 
Nothing too exciting but I love it. 
Can't wait for it this year.
Alysa, Trent, & Colin may even come up!
Crossing my fingers!

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