Thursday, December 9, 2010

holiday tradishh

I've been trying to make a Christmas list for 'Santa' this year & I have had a bit of trouble. 
'Santa' wants to take me shopping this next weekend & I haven't really come up with anything specific that I want.
This is the best I could come up with.
Keep in mind these all are purely wants. 
So don't judge me :)

1. Steve Madden "hood" boot - Nordstrom
2. Nike Free Run shoes -
3. New headphones - mine are broken
4. New ipod touch running band - again, mine is broken
5. Ray Ban aviators 
6. Iphone 4
7. Sequin Shorts - J Crew
8. Ampliacion Ore Necklace - Anthropologie
9. Held Dear Ring - Anthropologie
10. Northface Hey Moma Boma jacket

I'm an expensive child.
I know.

 Day 9: Best Holiday Traditions

Every year at the Gardner Residence, my mom's side of the family gets together & makes a Norwegian cookie called a bockel. Its an all day event. But it is totally worth it! 
They are soo yummy.  
It is an acquired taste though.
Most people don't like them, but I grew up eating them so we love them!

Made of:

whipping cream
& love

ha I may have left out a few ingredients. 
I'll post pics later
Mal Gal 


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