Monday, December 6, 2010

the best way to spread Christmas cheer

Soo I"m really bad at posting everyday, that I have to catch up again! I was really busy all weekend helping my mom set up Christmas and then my laptop broke. So I couldn't blog! Tragic.

Day 4: Best gift ever given

Okay I'm really lame when it comes to giving presents. Well sort of.... I love to spend a lot of money on people and giving them exactly what they want. But that means my gifts usually aren't surprises or very creative. & I'm definitely not a crafty person. A talent I wish I possessed. So when it comes to Christmas presents I've given, one doesn't really stand out. But I remember back when I was in Young Womens, we would do a sub for Santa every year. I loved it. A couple of us would group up with the young men and take a family to buy gifts for. This one year me, my sister, & my dad (who was Young Mens president at the time) took a family who was supported by a single dad. He had three daughters. One was my age and the other two were pretty young. We collected things from Walmart for them, and spent all the money we could. I remember thinking I would never want clothes from Walmart, but the girl my age needed some clothes. I went to my closet and looked for things that I had out grown or didn't really wear any more. I told my dad to spend more money on other things for them, cause I had clothes for this young girl. I gathered up some really nice shirts and jeans that I had. 

When we finally went to deliver our gifts, I remember thinking I didn't want to go into the house. I was nervous that this girl would feel embarrassed to get a bunch of gifts from complete strangers. But my dad talked me into going. Kayy I'm not even kidding when I say they lived in a cement box. Their kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom were all one room. It was the saddest, most humbling experience of my life. I can't image living like that. When I gave the young girl her gifts, she immediately began to cry. I don't even think she owned as many clothes as I gave her. She was so appreciative and so sweet. It broke my heart. 

I continued to do sub for Santa for the next couple of years, but never had an experience like that. So I think that was the best gift I could have given. I'll never forget that young girl and the blessing she was in my life, to look back and realize how great I have it. I challenge everyone to do some type of service this holiday season because it will truly bring you such joy. 

Day 5: Favorite Christmas Albums 

1: Kayy so my favorite Christmas album I've been listening to for years is by a local Utah girl named Paisley. I got her Christmas cd was I was like 13 from Jill Dahle for my birthday one year. Its absolutely amazing. 

 2. Mariah Carey- Merry Christmas

 3. 'N Sync- Home for Christmas

4. Glee Christmas Album (new obsession)

Day 6: Favorite Christmas movies: 

I watch Christmas movies year round. 

1. The Holiday

2. Christmas Vacation

3. Elf

4. Jingle All the Way


5. The Santa Clause

6. The Grinch

Happy monday

Mal Gal

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