Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Does anyone else hate that it looks like October today? I mean don't get me wrong, I hate the snow, but I like it when I'm listening to Christmas music in my car! Its just surprisingly warm today... a storm coming our way? Probably. 
Anyway. School is almost donzoo! Thank goodness! Just had my last group presentation today & I'm sooo relieved! Can't wait for the break! I'm going to be the laziest person in the world.
ha a lot like last year. 
I literally locked myself in my room & finished seasons 1 & 2 of Gossip Girl. & drank probably 500 cans of DC with lime. It was heaven! 

I need a new series to get into for the break. 
Not one that already has a million seasons.
Needs drama & hot men. 
Any ideas??

Day 7: Favorite Memory

Hmm... favorite memory..
It would probably be one Christmas when my grandparents had to stay at our house & me & my sister were kicked out of our beds & had to sleep downstairs. We were a little POd.. to say the least.
Soo at like 3 in the a.m. we went upstairs & looked at all of our presents! 
I remember we made over our rooms that year, so there was a bunch of furniture and shelves we wanted. 
It was pretty cool & we thought we were soo sneaky.
Definitely ruined the element of surprise though.
We didn't tell our parents for a couple months.
They were bummed.
Ha we still joke about it.