Tuesday, April 5, 2011

herbivore... well sorta.

I am weird -when it comes to food. I am very picky. I'm not proud of it, & frankly its really difficult to go out to certain places. There is probably a longer list of foods I don't like, than what I like. Bad i know. As much as I hate to admit it... its probably due to "watching what I eat" practically my whole life. Being a girl is hard & there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Therefore I have taught myself over the years to really pay attention to what I eat. I like to call it... "health freak status". But as I've grown more confident and comfortable with myself, I have been so much more open to trying new foods- healthy or not. I am a health major & healthy foods & lifestyles are drilled into my head everyday, but I've learn that healthy means balance. Its okay to eat like crap every once in a while, just not everyday. I have to say, it hasn't been easy. But I AM trying.

(Wow I totally didn't mean to go off on that tangent.)

In my attempt to eat a more "balanced" diet, there is one small thing I can't get past... red meat. I have never really been a fan of it, but I grew up with my parents cooking it so I just ate it. Then during my health kick, I read a bunch of articles about how it can cause higher mortality rates, cancer, & cardiovascular disease. So I stopped eating it, which was easy cause I didn't really like it anyway. I am not a vegetarian by any means! I have turkey practically everyday! Problem is.... I'm really inconvenient. I never want to offend anyone or be a hassle by not eating it. Like eating a big juicy hot dog at the ballpark sounds fun, but I'd rather have a big juicy diet coke.

So that's my dilemma... I try so hard to just suck it up & eat it, but why when I don't enjoy it? Can anyone relate???  


  1. Mallory I can totally relate. I've always been kind of a health freak when it comes to food. My mom always cooked really healthy and hardly ever made red meat, and I've always been really aware of what I eat because I always wanted a perfect dancer body. But I totally have this thing with red meat too. I'll only eat it if I have to, like if someone invites us over for dinner and I don't want to be rude.. but I have NEVER made hamburgers, steaks, or any kind of red meat for Shawn and I. Besides, I always thought hamburger meat stunk SO BAD and the smell of hot dogs always makes me wanna throw up. There is nothing appetizing to me about it. Anyway, if you don't like it, don't eat it :)

  2. I am with you on the "health freak status!" everyone thinks I am crazy, but dontcha feel so much better knowing you are putting good things in your body? Nothin' beats feelin good! People should just understand that you just don't wanna eat it! I don't think you will offend anyone by saying you just don't like it!