Wednesday, April 20, 2011

one step at a time

Yep. I do. More like I hate studying. I cannot concentrate long enough to retain any information. I have a test tomorrow & I'm just barely studying today. fml.
One more week...One more week.

Besides the awful finals I have hanging over my head, today has actually been pretty good. Woke up & made it to both classes! Huge for me. Then I went to the gym straight from school. haha & ohhh my goodness the best thing happened to me! I was running on the treadmill, pretty fast & you know when you feel like the person next to you is trying to one-up you?! Well the kid next to me definitely was. Anytime I increased my speed or incline, he would too. I was doing the 55 minute treadmill workout, minding my own business & I noticed him literally sprinting & panting to keep up. Then all of a sudden he SHOT BACKWARDS into the machine behind him!!!! ahhh ahahaha his ipod like crashed all over the treadmill and onto the floor, making a loud noise & he face planted it on the ground. OHHH MY IT MADE MY WHOLE MONTH! hahaha poor kid. It look everything in me not to burst out laughing. He quickly jumped up off the floor, grabbed his ipod, & booked it out of the gym. He was so embarrassed & I was embarrassed for him. haha. That's what you get for trying to out run me! ;)

Anyway, today is a good day for me. Hope it continues to go well, if not I'll just think of treadmill boy. haha.

How is your Wednesday so far??

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  1. HAHAHA that's hilarious!!! I've always wanted to see that happen!! Scott and I went golfing today and caught somebody taking a break from golfing and pee'ing into a river under a bridge. awkward... to say the least haha