Monday, April 11, 2011

too much time?

Alright people I need your help. The purpose of this blog was for me to find a hobby.... because I seriously don't think shopping is classified as a hobby. I am pretty busy right now finishing up school & working everyday, but once summer hits, I know I'll have too much free time for my liking. I like to stay busy cause I get bored easily. ADD? yeah maybe. So I need some serious suggestions. I danced & cheered my whole life, so I need a new change of scene. I'm willing to try anything athletic or whatever! Except basketball... no thank you. BUT I need something I'll actually stick with, so if anyone wants to join me this summer, I would love it!  Here are some things I've always wanted to do...

1. Tennis.
I actually used to take tennis lessons when I was younger, but my private coach wouldn't let me leave for the day until I hit all of the balls into her little basket thing & lets be real... I sucked & couldn't do it. So I quit. I would love to give it another try though! (Soo Darrian, I'm talking to you! I may need your assistance.)

2. Learn to play the guitar
I have always, always wanted to play the guitar! I envy anyone who can! 

3. Take voice lessons
Okay this one scares me a bit. I am a really shy person & this would totally put me out of my comfort zone, but I would love to see how I could handle this one! Anyone know a good teacher?

4. Run, Run, Run
I'm obsessed. I would love to try a Ragnar Relay this summer!

5. Cooking lessons
I do not cook. Partly cause I'm busy & partly cause I'm lazy. I'm totally content with a sandwich for every meal. But I know someday I'm gonna have to learn to cook.

6. Hiking?

I don't know if I can really make this into a hobby, but I want to go a lot this summer! It's such a good workout & way fun! Plus I need to utilize our Utah mountains more!

These are my ideas. I would love to hear what you do & give it a try!

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  1. I'm sad I won't be here to do all of these with you :[[