Friday, April 1, 2011

peeping tom.

So don't worry we have had a creeper looking in our windows at night. 

AHHH! I live in a big house down here in Orem with 5 other girls & apparently some guy found that out & has been peeping on us!!!! Long story short.... but my roommate was home the other day & a cop showed up at our house (he is also our neighbor). He showed her a picture of a man about 30 years old & asked her if she knew him. She said "No" & he said "okay well if you see him let us know, we are looking for him." He left. Then he came back like an hour later and said.. "Are you sure you don't know this guy? My wife saw him in your back yard the other day & then again this morning looking into your house." UMM ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My roommate & the cop went around our house & found foot prints at every window & every window well!

The cop left & apparently saw the guy in our yard AGAIN a little later, chased him down & arrested him. This guy had previous charges of trespassing & "peeping tom" (I don't know the real name for it) charges. eeeeek! Soo thankfully he has been caught, but I have no clue how long this guy would stay in jail. I'm assuming he is out already??

This has only heightened my sleeping problems, as you can imagine. I lay there at night listening to every tiny sound, thinking it's that freakin guy! Ugh it scares me so bad! My parents & Willie & all of my roommates are totally paranoid about it. The other night we walked around my house and locked every door & window, checked every room, bathroom, & closet. Not to mention Will told me to keep my old shower rod in my room just in case! Seriously?? Thank you for adding to my comfort, NOT! ha it was a nice thought tho :)

Can you believe this? I still can't. Ugh so creepy. I'll keep you updated if he comes back around. I pray he doesn't!!!!

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  1. Ahh! Mal that is so creepy. That is so good that they caught the guy, but what a CRAZY man. I'm glad you are safe!