Monday, March 28, 2011

back to reality

Wow getting up this morning was incredibly hard.
After a 10 hour drive home last night
the last thing I wanted to do this morning was go to school.
So I slept right through my first class. -ooops!
I definitely need a vacation from my vacation ;)

It was such a fun trip, but too short for sure!
The drive on wednesday wasn't bad at all.
It was about 8 hours to Reno & we stayed the night there.
Then it was off to San Fran the next morning.
We ran into the WORST snow storm (blizzard) over Donner's pass
which made our drive a little longer than expected.
But we finally made it to a rainy San Fransisco!
(driving over the Bay Bridge)

Once we got settled in, I was determined to get some sourdough bread & soup!

(sourdough grilled cheese & tomato soup. Definitely hit the spot!)

We walked around Fisherman's Warf for a bit but the rain would not give up,
so we decided to go back to the hotel to catch the BYU game!
(sorry cougs... it was a good fight)

Then we headed to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory for some hot chocolate.
I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate... always gives me a stomach ache,
so I just had a sip of my mom's.
It was very rich, but sooo yummy.

The next day we had anticipated rain all day,
but someone must have known it was my first time in San Fran & blessed us perfect weather!
We spent the entire day SHOPPING!
If you've ever been there you know their shopping is amazing!
I was in heaven!

(shopping for some new Nikes. Unsuccessful. I'm super picky when it comes to my running shoes.)

(Had to hit up Chinatown ha.)

After a long day of shopping we wanted to go to Lombard street,
but the line for the cable car was crazyyy long.
So we decided to make the trek & walk.
BUT we didn't even make it half way up the first hill
before we got drawn into the bike shop...

Yes we biked four miles to the Golden Gate Bridge,
half way across the bridge (then it started raining)
& another four miles back to the bike shop.
It was not easy.
I haven't ridden a legit bike in forever!
Oooh it burned.
It was so cool though & we laughed the whole time!
(we did it on a whim... hence the wrong kind of outfit for biking.)

The trip then continued on to Sacramento to watch Willie play
(I didn't take any pictures there. totally spaced it!)
& then headed home on Sunday!
Too short, but I'm looking forward to going back!
It's such a fun city!

(Sorry for the awful pictures.They are from my mom's phone. I haven't had anytime to upload my pictures yet!)

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