Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's & spring must haves

Me & Will were at breakfast this morning (einstein bagels. nothing better.)
there was a huge chalkboard calendar on the wall.
Will goes... "hmm tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day."
I reply.. "oh yeah! Good thing you're uniform is green. I love St. Patty's day!"
Joked a bit about celebrating with a beer
We even talked about how the red headed cashier looked like leprecon.
We continued eating.

Ummm hiii retards!

Today is St. Patrick's Day!!
How could I forget??
I love this holiday.
When I was little the 'leprecons' would turn our milk green & mess up our couch cushions.
Green cereal in the morning was almost as good as Christmas in my house.
Not to mention Ireland is my favorite place in deee world!
So, sorry to my Irish ancestors.... promise to never forget again.

Well on a complete opposite note....
I love that spring is here almost here.
That means spring fashion, which I absolutely can't get enough of.
Shorts, skirts, light jackets, sandals, wedges, pastels & neutrals, stripes, & cardis.
yesss please.
Since I've been under the weather this past week
I've done a lot of online shopping :)
well... browsing.
Here are a couple spring trends I'm dying to get my hands on.

Well I'm off to Will's first home game!
All of these pieces can be found here, here, & here.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. i want all of those items you posted. please and thanks.