Monday, March 14, 2011

on the brain

With spring break this week you would think I would super stoked & relaxed.
ughh definitely not the case.
I have to work all week & have tons of homework to catch up on.
so spring break for me is non existent.
I'm trying soo hard to get all of my projects/papers/tests done before they are due.
"procrastination is the assian to success"
my motto for the week.

It is a struggle of mine.
This week I am determined to get it all done.
But before you go feeling all sorry for me....
the reason I gotta get all my work done this weekend is because next week I'm going to


I'm so excited!
I have never been before.
Any suggestions on the must-see places & things to do???
Then we are driving down to Sacramento to watch Will play in a baseball game.
Can't wait.

Then plus the Bachelor Finale tonight....
ughhh I'm doomed.
I've just got to find some motivation to focus on school for the next week.

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