Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double Whammy

If the first loss to New Mexico wasn't bad enough for BYU..
add in some Brandon Davies Honor Code scandal 
two of the worst refs in the world
Jimmer losing his cool
crazy New Mexico gangsta fan
BYU's SECOND loss to New Mexico.

It was a disappointing game to say the least.
Very sloppy.
Couldn't make a shot to save our lives.
BUT it was still a really fun game!
We went with Will's parents & had awesome seats!
(minus the 90 year old grandma sitting behind us yelling "booooooo" every 2 minutes.)
here are some pics of the night :)

(bad lighting & bad quality- eek.)
grandpas' couldn't handle the noise ha.

switching gears...
 I'm always looking for new snacks/ healthy meals post run.
I hate eating a big meal after all of my hard work.
I saw these new Larabars on the Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
& I'm dying to try one!
They are gluten-free, soy, vegan, low carb, energy bars that are loaded with whole grains and nutrients!
Blueberry muffin & chocolate cookie dough flavor??
ummm yess please.
I'm headed to the Whole Foods store tonight after work to find these!
If not, def. ordering them online!

Just thought I'd share :)

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