Tuesday, March 22, 2011

just been one of those days...

Have you ever felt so stressed out that you come up with even more things to worry about??
Thats me today.
I am the BIGGEST worry wart you'll ever meet.
I over-analyze everything.
I am on complete overload with school work before I leave for California tomorrow
& yet I find myself coming up with other things to trigger more stress.
For instance... being late.
Since I was little I would get major anxiety about being late.
Whether it was to school, dance class, cheer, or an appointment.. you name it, I'd stress.
I was late to class today & because I was already stressed out, I panicked.  
On top of that I am a major perfectionist.
If it's not done perfect or I don't get a perfect grade or I don't look perfect,
I get really down on myself.
Its exhausting really.
I feel like I expect so much from myself & other people expect so much from me.

I know what you are thinking....
"She's a mess!"
ha & today I am.

I always told myself I would never post anything too personal on my blog
because I don't want the whole world to know.
Always trying to create a image that my life is perfect & that I don't have any flaws.
HA! Well let me tell you... that's false!

Has anyone ever felt like this???
or am I totally crazy??

I am constantly making lists of my day.
What I have to do, where I have to go, & how long I have until my day is over.
A kind 'stress management' if you will.
 But they still don't seem to eliminate my stress.
Just not enough hours in the day.

This trip is coming at the perfect time.
I just need to RELAX!

Anyone have any advice on how you stop stressin??

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  1. Grab a nice big diet coke, and get some exercise!! Even though you might feel like you don't have time to workout, I think it is the best stress reliever ever!!!