Wednesday, March 2, 2011

have a nice trip, see ya next fall.

I like to think I'm not a very clumsy person.
I don't get hurt too often or fall a lot.
Yes I get hit with some things occasionally....
like a basketball, golf ball, or full bag of oreos,
but generally those things aren't my fault.
Today however...... was an exception.
I was walking into the school for an appointment with my counselor.
I was running late so I was walking really fast.
Just as I was almost to the top of the cement stairs of the LA building
I tripped.
My notebook went flying, my purse rolled back down the stairs,
& my cell phone smashed LOUDLY on the concrete.
Not to mention I fell to my knees.

Everyone stopped.
& they ALL stared.
I had like a million people ask me if I was okay.
"I just embarrassed myself in front of about 30 people, NO I'M NOT OKAY!"
but I just awkwardly laughed at myself & ran into the school.
I heard the kids behind me laughing all the way down the hall.
ha ohhh well, right?

On a positive note..
my counselor said I'm on schedule to graduate next spring!
Just have to take summer classes :(
But it will all be worth it!

p.s. I'm going to the BYU game tonight,
I WILL remember to bring my camera
& I will not spill my diet coke all down the aisle this time...
(maybe I'm more clumsy than I thought.)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. haha! You just made my day! I have a clear picture of it happening and that is super embarrassing, but o well.. you probably won't ever see those people again.

    as for graduating.. yay!!! I found out I get to graduate in December and I am SO excited! School doesn't really matter to me at all now that I'm married and it sucks so bad, but I'm so close I have to finish!

  2. Mal I love your blog! I did that same thing at UVU last year and no one even asked if I was okay... so at least you got that going for ya! haha Congrats on graduating next spring, that is so exciting! And sorry about the BYU disappointment!